Welcome to the Patient Portal! Welcome to the Patient Portal!

Welcome to Pediatric Health Center, a leader in pediatric care in El Paso, Tx.  We are committed to preserving the health of the children in our community.  Our practice specializes in chronic, acute and preventative medical care for the young people in our lives.  We have dedicated our careers to caring for children.  We treat your children as family to ensure they receive specialized care that is second to none.  From infancy to adolescence, their medical needs, big or small, are our priority.  The doctors and staff at Pediatric Health Center want your children to lead long, happy and productive lives, and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us.


***NOTICE*** In order to create an account on our portal, you must have provided an email address during your office visit.  You must be listed as a "contact" on your child's medical record.  The email that you provided at the office must be the same as the one you will create an account with.  Please create an account under your name (parent)  and not your child's name.